Local Perks

Everything you need is right next door.

Join us in the first of its kind facility in downtown Hickman.

Outdoor Walking Path

Just outside the back entrance of Locust St Flats is the Hickman community walking trail. With elegant views and access to the local park take a quick stroll to break up your afternoon lull.

Community Center

The city of Hickman’s new 16,940 square foot building with a 2,294 square foot mezzanine is steps from Locust St Flat’s front door. Be apart of the local intramural teams, rent a large conference room for high attendance meetings or check out the reading centre. These wonderful features are accessible to all Hickman residents.

Printing Services

Whether you print documents in mass quantities or on the rarity The Voice local newspaper has printing services available just across the street.


Local restaurants with different cuisines and cozy atmospheres. Host your annual holiday party or a quarterly brunch meeting, the local dining and cafes are going to be useful for any case.

A Few of Our Favorites:

9 South CharGrill           ◾ The Bee

Hickman Bar & Grill     ◾ East Meets West

The Most Coveted Neighborhood